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Trip to Wales

0285 église St Teilo

How the exchanges take place 

Week in Wales

Departure : the meeting is at 6 am Place Foch in Nantes (baggage ordering).

The departure is at 6:30 am and must not be delayed.

We take the boat in St Malo : watch out for the expiry date of your ID or Passeport! It would be a pity to tell you goodbye in Saint-Malo. We can have lunch on the boat (at your expense). We head off to Cardiff. We will not stop for dinner: do not forget to bring a picnic.

Arrival in Cardiff around 10 pm near the city hall. Our host families are waiting for us there. We spend the Sunday with our host.

During the whole week, we meet next to the city hall to leave for the excursions. The program will be given to us by our host. We use our own bus for all the day trips. Our host does not necessarily come with us for the visits and we meet up with them in the evening. For lunch, we can often have a picnic, but we can also go to the restaurant. In the evening we have dinner with our host. We often go to other people’s house with our host to meet the people from Nantes, their friends…

At some time in the week, a big meal is organised with a time for dancing. (Welsh people are used to getting dressed up for the occasion).

Journey home: departure on the Saturday morning. On the way back, we visit one or two cities. We have a picnic for lunch and we take the boat at around 7 pm. We sleep on board and wake up at 6 am. Breakfast is included in the price of the trip. We land at around 8am. Arrival in Nantes at noon.

Examples of day trips carried out in 2013


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